Monday, 19 April 2010

BBC Radio Sheffield interview

I spoke to Stephanie Barnard at BBC Radio Sheffield last week and she's just published a very nice article all about my recent work. Check it out here. Top marks to Stephanie!!!

Today I also went in to chat live to Rony Robinson which, despite my initial nerves, turned out to be a fun experience as he's a very easy-going chap. To hear me being a bumbling fool on air click here. I'm on from about 1:07 into the show.

It should on the site until 26th april.


  1. Well done! But he didn't have to challenge you for leaving Sheffield FFS! Jesus...

  2. Haha yeh gunned down on live radio. To be fair he was a good laugh and seemed to be just giving me a bit of banter seeing as I was bigging up the sheff link alot. I was more worried about swearing on air and getting kicked out hehe