Monday, 7 June 2010

I'll be back...

I've not been posting for a while mainly as I've been really busy and tied up. When I get a thumbs up to post some illustration commissions I'm working on they've go up here like a shot. I've also got a small animation job to show off soonish.

I used to do the odd poster job for Sheff uni union via a fella called Nick Simcock a few years back. Nick is now a honcho at Leed's 'Dead Young Records' who are doing some interesting stuff you should check out. He was good enough to sell some of my wares and plug my work in this Meadowhell shot video when he ran a temporary vintage shop last week in said venue. Nice one Nick!

Robin Beck (whose work is also in the vid) is showing off some of his work in a show kicking off this thurs at Archipelago. Details here.

Finally print 5 of 'Steel City Heroes' will be done as soon as I've completed a chunk of illustration work. It's titled 'Escape from the Moor' and features a bit of biting satire about the current state of the Moor in sheffield in a parody of the 80s Kurt Russell classic.

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