Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Johnny Hicklenton RIP

'Anjan's Head on Fire'
Sketch by Johnny Hicklenton.

I just heard that the artist Johnny Hicklenton died earlier this month. I met him at the Sheffield Doc Fest a couple of years back when me and my illustrator buddy Anjan gatecrashed a graphic novel discussion event. Johnny was visiting sheffield to premier his documentary flick 'Here's Johnny' aimed at raising awareness of multiple sclerosis which he had suffered from for many years. He was a likabley irreverant chap who seemed pretty chuffed I'd brought along a 2000ad special featuring 'Pandora', a character he'd based on his partner. He was so grateful he wanted to draw me a sketch so I asked him for a picture of Anjan with his head on fire - he even threw in Dredd for good measure!

Whenever I think of a truelly twisted, evil and nasty as fuck comic style I'm unable to imagine anything more horrificly pleasing than Hicklenton's. I'm glad I got to shake his hand and tell him so.

Documentary info here.

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