Thursday, 10 September 2009

New Young Pony Club DJs @ Fitzwilliam College

Here's a new commission for Soundcheck, a night
in Fitzwilliam College Cambridge. A fine young fellow
called Harry spotted my Sheff prints and got me on
the case for this. Originally Phil Jupitus was meant to
be DJing but was double booked ('Buzzcocks' was always
about Mark Lamarr anyway in my book - mutter mutter).

New Young Pony Club are the kind of band I would have
known about and loved a few years ago but now I'm a
burnt out old fart I only knew one of their songs off an
advert, albeit a very good song that goes...
''I can give you what - you - want''

Sadly, my cousin Ronan died around the time I was
working on this so alot of it was drawn through teary eyes
before I had to dart off to Limerick for the funeral. He was
a lovely guy with a big heart I'll dearly miss. RIP brother.