Thursday, 10 September 2009

Celluloid Screams final poster

Here's the final version of the Celluloid Screams poster.
I wanted to ink it for real on my drawing board but
ran out of time so I pumped out the ink phase mainly in
Adobe Illustrator and coloured it in Photoshop. I kept
the colours pretty plain and flat as there's talk of it being
reduced down into a T-shirt.

I walk past the Showroom alot, have worked behind it
since 2000 and spent many a day in my youth sipping
coffee and pretending to be cool there, so this was a very
satisfying and gorey commission!!!

Quite keen to bag more work in this area as I think my
style lends itself well to horror (plus I like drawing gorey
stupid shit). As well as the obvious horror refs I dropped
in a subtle ref to Sheff band 'I Monster'. My good pals
James McVeigh and Jo Sims did lots of posing for this so
cheers guys!!!


  1. That is ace. I like how the Showroom's become the haunted house on the hill. Never thought of it that way but now I've seen it I won't be able to picture it any other way.

  2. Nice one cheers Joe. Must admit this was a fun one and the A0 prints at the Showy have inflated my ego somewhat.

  3. A0? I'm gonna have to go and have a nosy round for them.