Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Moronoid Cover

I finally got the chance to nail my version of the cover for
'Moronoid', the comic I'm publishing with Anjan Sarkar,
with contributions from irish comics badass Phil Barrett
and pro scribe and podcast misfit Marcus Daley.

Originally, I intended to draw my own versions of the other
guy's preview bubble images but I realised that it would
look loads cooler to work in their original pics instead.
I always loved this kind of slightly dated preview approach.

For the central character I used a character called Ian from
the story I did with Marcus (see first page below). We'll be
selling these soon at the Birmingham Comics Expo and
Thought Bubble in Leeds. We'll also get them into a few
shops and online once we've got our shit together. They'll be
cheap to buy as we'd rather shift them and do another next

Rightio I'm going to fall asleep in a corner somewhere...

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