Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Celluloid Screams Poster Stages

I keep reading how people I'm into build up an image
so thought it'd be fun to do the same. I usually start
off by giving the client a few very simple scribbley
versions to give idea options.
In this case I did about 16 in total as this is always
the most fun part. Some of them were real duds but
3 or 4 would have worked well I think. They chose
the bottom right image which was in my top 3 choices.

Next I work things up further in pencil and add a few
washes in photoshop to quickly show how the colours
will hilight the central characters. Originally the top
section was going to look all EC Comics but this got
turned into a simpler layout at a later stage.

I thought it'd be appropriate to let the Festival honcho
Rob decide on the T-shirt design rather than wading in
and he went for Ash's 'S-Mart' logo which I reckon works.

I'll paste the final thing asap

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