Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Volcanoes - Sugar and Snarls EP

Rising stars of the UK indie circuit Volcanoes (cool name I reckon) commissioned me to design their latest EP cover 'Sugar and Snarls', which will be available to buy and download in the near future. I've been listening to it whilst working and it's really got my toes tapping so check it out! They asked for this crazy scene of a lethal pin-up Medusa, zombie window attack and a dissident evil games console. I'm working on the inlays now I'll post soon.

They also commissioned this mural for the Grapes in Sheffield. I've been unable to get a photo that properly shows it off yet (as I need a bit strong man to help me carry it somewhere with better lighting) but here's a taster. The prize for the most bizarre thing I was ever asked to draw goes to Volcanoes for this shit powered epic piece of toilet action/adventure. I put a Sumatran Rat Monkey in the image as it just felt right.
Top marks lads!

More Volcanoes murals by other artists here.

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