Monday, 8 February 2010

Steel Finger

This print is now available as a limited edition screenprint via my site or as a cheaper A3(approx) digital print available for £10 unframed from my shop. It was made in collaberation with the Archipelago Press Co Sheffield.

It's been a while since I put out a print for the 'Steel City Heroes' project and I wanted to enter the second half of the madness guns blazing. Print 4 is a parody of the classic Bond poster showing Sheffield as the backdrop in an action homage to our city's fine landmarks.

The initial inspiration came from an exhibition of Bond paperback covers I saw in Edinburgh a couple of years ago called 'Bond Bound', where I realised that any suave guy in a tux with a gun could potentially look alot like Bond without breaching copyright shennanigans.

I also did a Bond sketch card (for a chap I've mentioned before called Wynn Ryder) which got my cogs turning along with Wynn's very cool Bond collage. He's done loads of film related collages that are worth checking out aswell.

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