Thursday 5 June 2014

Pleasant House Commission

Here's a bit of an epic commission I did for Chelsea & Art Jackson who run the Pleasant House Bakery in Chicago and also Pleasant House Three Oaks in the picturesque Harbour Country near Lake Michigan. They asked me to create a large commission that would capture their strong links with Yorkshire UK, their home-town of Chicago, their other restaurant in Michigan, their brewing co and their renowned Royal Pies, Royal Bangers & Royal Ginger Fizz. It was also a look at their lives with their loyal dog Pork Chop. It was way bigger in scale than my usual commissioned work and I'm really chuffed with how it came out.

Art & Chelsea have had my work on show in their Chicago base for years which has been a great honour for me (as seen in this video)  so it felt very very special to do such a large scale piece that will soon be up in their Three Oaks base. Also featured in the piece is John Harrison who is a direct relative of Art and is notable for inventing the Marine Chronometer. Massive thanks to Chelsea & Art for a very fun job and I'll be over at some point in the future to try that gorgeous looking Royal Pie you promised me and hit Chicago/ Gotham City in style! Cheers guys :)

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