Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Meadowhall Parklife Show

I spent most of last week at Meadowhall's Park Lane for their Parklife event. For the first 2 days I was doing a pop-up show and for the remaining 3 I scaled the show down to do workshops with kids who fancied having a crack at some comic artwork.

I went in a bit scared knowing how busy Meadowhall can get but it worked out fine being in a bustling centre with constant visitors and I met some very sound people! Here's a glimpse...

Thanks to all who dropped by, it was great to meet you, and massive thanks to the young people who had a crack at doing a drawing for the picket fence in my pretend park. Here's a selection of some of the work...

I'm knackered now but it was well worth it. It's made me want to escape the studio much more often! Thanks to Kieran for the photos, and Alex and Caroline for setting it upand putting up with me!
Thanks also to the young artist in the top photo for wanting to be in it, and his folks for the thumbs up to put it on my blog.

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