Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fright Night 2012

I've been busy doing lots of fun work since I last posted. Yellow Bus events hired me to illustrate this years Fright Night event poster which is definately one for the book of life for me. This year there will be a focus on voodoo so I took inspiration from the Bond classic 'Live and Let Die'.Thanks to April and Scott for a very fun job.


  1. "Haitian Vodou is a religion that is very misunderstood. Slaves were brought to the Caribbean against their will and forbidden to practice their traditional African religions as well as forced to convert to the religion of their masters. The Bond movie/Eurocentric/Americanized viewpoint presents Vodou as an evil, primitive version of witchcraft. But it's a religion like any other, with a moral code, gods and goddesses."

    -- from Deconstructing Florence + The Machine's Racist New Video by Dodai Stewart

    ...Yeah, I'll be sitting this one out since voodoo's a theme.

    1. Hi two_of_tree I only just spotted your comment so apologies for the slow reply. From reading the quote you posted by Dodai Stewart it seems obvious I've inadvertently offended you by the inclusion of voodoo on my poster in a way that celebrates it's pop cultural status rather than it's historic origins. I'm genuinely sorry to hear that and understand why you decided to post.

      It never crossed my mind that this picture would upset anyone in any way other than those who might not like to blood or skulls on the high street. My goal was simply to create a striking design that would get people's attention in a fun way rather than a negative one and I'm very sad that the poster left you feeling unhappy.