Monday, 26 October 2009

Celluloid Screaming

Just had an enjoyable weekend at the Showroom getting my
full value for money out of the free pass Rob&Margot threw
in ontop of the payment (cheers guys!)

I thought I was pretty up on the horror scene but I saw plenty
of great flicks I'd never heard about. 'Paranormal Activity' had
the biggest impact on me and was in all honesty the scariest film
experience I've had since I was about 12. 'I Sell The Dead' and
'the Burning' were also pretty enjoyable, along with a nice
selection of short films nicely mixed up with the main events.

It was great to be involved and hoping they'll call upon me again
in the future. Working on a small job for another horror fest I'll
post this week.

1 comment:

  1. Jim, I just watched a Paranormal Activity trailer and I nearly pee'd me sen! I've only just got over "House of Leaves" and you do that to me when I'm on my own in this spooky place...sesh!