Monday, 5 October 2009

BICS - I fought the Law

Just back from a brilliant weekend at the Birmingham Expo
where I managed to retain my professional attitude and
business-like cool at all times.
We managed to shift some copies of Moronoid which felt good
so we celebrated in style on saturday night, stumbling upon
the coolest and quirkiest little club/bar I've been in in years
which no doubt we'll never find again.
I definately want to do more of this sort of thing and keep
Moronoid cooking away for a few years (touch wood).


  1. Looks good fun! Did you buy owt or were you just selling your wares?
    Do they have comic cons in Sheffield/Manc?
    Hope the 'Moronoid' goes well.

  2. Ta bud,
    was mainly selling matey as bit skint but was nice to escape the comfort zone and meet a few fellow weirdos.
    It's a bit crap up north for comic fests but there's one in Leeds in Nov we're at called 'Thought Bubble'.
    Email me your address if you want a copy of our comic mate. Think we're doing one in London in spring if you're around? Be good to see you it's been a while.