Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Celluloid Screams Horror Film Festival

Friday nights at the Showroom have recently seen the rise of a
cult film club known as Celluloid Screams. Now they're planning
an explosive Halloween festival and have got me on the case with
some branding work and a poster. Try not to sit behind me in the
cinema as seeing this badboy on the big screen may cause my
head to swell to Mekon proportions.

They've not announced which films are on the bill yet but I've got
it on good authority that it'll be pretty spesh. Alright I admit it I
don't know either but I trust the man holding the cards.

If you buy a pass now it'll save you a respectable amount of money.

I also finished my Royal Stock Tshirt a couple of weeks ago but I'm
going to hang fire until Bunn has printed it and post a pic of the
final article. He's getting a bunch of local talent involved with a
launch do in Oct.

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