Saturday, 4 April 2009

Quinto's Spock

Lately I've been a bit busy as Desq, where I normally
work part-time, asked me to go full time for a bit to cover
a large workload. I've struggled to fit the comic-style work
in and had to turn away some jobs I was flattered to be
asked about (sorry to all concerned), but I couldn't resist
this commission for James McV's film collumn in Exposed
as it was a fun quickie.

I saw a pic of spock last year by Wynn Ryder which I loved
and used it as inspiration for this bad boy. Quinto is a perfect
choice for Spock in my book and looking forward to the flick.
Live long + all that stuff...


  1. Hi Jim,
    thanks a lot,
    i love your style too!
    i'm not a huge fan of star trek,
    but i love Spock!



  2. Oh yes - for a quickie it's ace! Love the colouring :-) and can't wait for the film too!