Monday, 23 February 2009

Zombie Rejects

My zombie pic is getting ever closer to completion now. In
celebration here's a couple of zombies who I was asked to
remove due to their unattractive nature.

These 2 ugly bastards are my friends James (aka MC Terrys
Allgold) and Si Fitton (DJ Baron).

Ta for posing guys and I'll try and slip your handsome selves into
a future project instead.


  1. Your client wants attractive zombies? Takes all sorts, I suppose :D Awesome job on the Cobain portrait, you got a perfect likeness there!

  2. That's a shame. Good to see Terry getting round a bit though.

  3. Cheers guys, yeh I had to take out some of the gore but hopefully the final thing won't look too tame. Cheers for the props fellas. Jimbo

  4. nice to see the pencil's jim, do you ink with 'ink' or on the comp?

  5. Ay up Sean,
    I'm sad to say that I'm a bit of a wacom-nazi but I'm taking it back to the old skool method to some extent as about to splash out on a decent drawing board and some decent pens/brushes etc. I think it's too weighted towards the tech-side at the mo and need to start drawing properly again b4 I forget how. Hope things are good your end man. Catch u for that pint asap pal